Life Challenge: Exhaustion sets in

Things were going great. I’d lost 4-5 pounds since the start of April. Better yet, my clothes were feeling better and I was feeling stronger and fitter.  Then we got company.

I don’t blame the company, because I still went for my morning swim. I’m still counting calories for awhile. However, I find that when we have visitors we spend more time outside, on the beach or in the sea. We try to do something fun every day. Sometimes all that sun, sea, wind and fun can be exhausting. I don’t have much energy for a swim when I wake up lately.  We need to alternate the busy days out with a calmer day where we take things as they come.

We also tend to eat out more. Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I could say I was spoiled. Not only did I not have to cook any meals, but I had a special breakfast and dinner made by my son, and we ate a very filling lunch out. I may have enjoyed a few drinks, too! Fortunately, that doesn’t happen every day. It is not a “lifestyle” I want to adopt.

Since we ran out of eggs and haven’t been for groceries yet, I thought I’d cook some oatmeal so we could all enjoy a healthy breakfast. Oatmeal with cinnamon, raisins and nuts used to be one of my favourite ways to start the day. It seems fitting to have it now with the cooler weather we’ve been having, even if “cooler” weather means 28 Celsius in the morning and not -28 Celsius!




Life Challenge: weekly report

I’ve been having a mixed kind of day so far. My April challenge ended with me stuck at a 2 pound weight loss, but this morning the scale showed it was actually a 4 pound loss. Yay! The important thing is that my old clothes are starting to fit better.

I’ve decided to start tracking calories. It’s not something I normally do or even advocate, always believing that healthy choices in moderation are more important, but how else will I have a baseline to moderate my intake? After only one day, I think it’s a good idea. For one thing, a half bottle of wine has about 340 calories! I kept my intake at 500 calories below my maintenance requirement without exercise. Just being conscious of how much I’m eating is probably a good start.

The day started well with my weigh-in, but we had to take our car in for service, so I didn’t have time for my early morning swim. I’ve managed to fit it in since coming home, but I was feeling pretty exhausted. It might have something to do with my swim, workout, snorkel and yoga that I did yesterday. Oh, and it may have been because I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet.

We had our fingers crossed that our mechanic would actually make it to the shop and work on our car today. We had an appointment, but when we showed up he wasn’t there. One of his helpers was there and was reluctant to let us through the gate. That’s never happened before and since he doesn’t speak English I had a little trouble communicating to him that we had an appointment and where could we leave the car?

Finally, he told us to park in a lot that was one building over, but my husband decided to leave the car right in front of the gate, to the side, off the road. We  heard from our mechanic and the service is complete, he’s going to check our car over and take it in for the annual safety inspection. He had just made up for the morning’s confusion!

Since then, he has called twice with new issues to be repaired before he can take the car for inspection. Unfortunately, that means we’ll be without a car for over a day and now it sounds like we’ll need to order a part that could take past our registration renewal date to fix.

The worst part of my day was before we left this morning. I had a message from a good friend from university. Another one of our fellow graduates passed away this weekend. It was such a shock. I didn’t know her well, but I do know that she was a force of nature. To me she was the woman who went out with a bottle of wine in one hand and a chocolate bar in the other, but in reality she was participating in a triathlon and suffered from cardiac arrest. That shows how little I knew her as I could never imagine her doing any physical activity, let alone a triathlon!

Things like this make me take a look at life and make sure I’m on track. She will be missed by so many people, including her children, her friends and her music students.

This week we’ll be getting company, so my challenge is to keep my calorie intake at a maintenance level. I hope to keep up my morning swim, but I think today I’ll pass on the strength training and do some relaxing yoga. I don’t see myself training for a triathlon, but next year my goal is to swim in the annual Flowers Sea Swim. Unfortunately, we’ll miss it this year as we’ll be away.

One thing I do know is that for the next few days, if we want to buy groceries, we’ll be doing a lot of walking!