Warrior Women; how I survived my life

I fully intended to write up some entertaining pieces about our recent travels, and I still hope to do so. I need to retreat alone somewhere and simply write.

At the moment I’m visiting my parents and certain events have reinforced my feeling that strong, warrior women have had my back for years. I didn’t always realize it or appreciate it.  I feel compelled to address this issue.

At the film festival we watched a short film with a female protagonist who went out on her own to start a new life. What we found sad, initially, was that she was so alone. Did she not have parents? Friends? Siblings? I realized then, as I often have, how much of a safety net I’ve carried around with me my whole life. She found her makeshift family, just as I now have a birth family and a makeshift family.

I’ve always felt fortunate to have a loving family. Yes, we’ve had our issues, but we love each other and we want to see each other. We’re interested in each others’ lives. My mom and sisters were there in the early years. I have an older sister who was like a second mom to me and another older sister who has been kind of an ally my whole life. I have a younger sister who looked up to me at one time, and now is always on my mind, even though I don’t see her much.

When I left home for university, my sisters were there again. I also made friends and continued some high school friendships.  I have different sets of friends, some with overlap, that I have taken for granted too long. It’s only in recent years that we’ve started having reunions and that I’ve really appreciated what these friends have done for me.  Through different dates and boyfriends they have been on my side, looking out for my best interests.

In my internship, I would not have survived, never have gone back or moved on to finish elsewhere, without their faith in me. It took losing one of these lovely ladies to bring us all together again.

The pattern continued when I started working. It continued when I had children, in my baby group and in the women I met through our children’s school friends and in Brownies. Some of my best warriors I met in Speed Skating.  It goes on even now that we’ve started this life so far from our friends and families.

By the way, when did I forget how to make friends on my own, without the connection of children? I’m trying to learn that skill all over again.

I’m afraid I didn’t always appreciate this warrior force. Sometimes I wasn’t the best of friends myself. Sometimes I forgot that it wasn’t all about me. I love these ladies so much for standing by me and being there, no matter how oblivious I might have been to their needs.  I can  pinpoint the moment when I started to be someone else’s warrior. It was when our first child was born, but like the people who have had my back all those years, I don’t restrict my support to family members. I can almost pinpoint when I became a warrior for someone not related.

We recently saw the movie Wonder Woman, and I loved it for so many reasons. I know I’m not Wonder Woman, but I love what she stands for. We have one thing in common and that’s being surrounded by an amazing support group of warriors. I want to be an Amazon warrior and help to shape the Wonder Women as well as the men of the future.


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