Post op in Paradise continues: how long does this take?

After over two weeks of showering on one foot with a bag over the other, or bathing with one foot propped on the edge of the tub, I was looking forward to getting my stitches out.

I imagined that I could not only shower, but go down to the pool and go for a swim. I can dream, can’t I?

I went to have my stitches out and unfortunately, I was told to wait a little bit longer before I attempted swimming. In fact, the day I was supposed to be able to shower without keeping my foot dry, I took one look and changed my mind. The incision just didn’t look healed.

The stitches were out, but I had all that dry, scabby skin around the incision. It seemed like there were small patches where it hadn’t healed yet. I waited a day.

My first shower was actually a little painful. Water on the foot hurt. Trying to balance on one foot hurt, but trying to put even just a little weight on the bad foot while I was barefoot in the shower? That hurt. It was exhausting. It was back to bathing with the foot propped on the edge of the tub, although at least I could wash it and rinse it under the tap. Those Tortuga bags could be used for something else.

So life without stitches continued on a lot like life with stitches. I reviewed my journal from the first surgery and indeed, I had waited at least four weeks post op to go swimming.

Another two weeks of hobbling around, gradually putting more weight on the foot, and I was sure I’d be ready to swim. I was still in the post op shoe, which made my foot feel safe and protected, but was also very bulky. I managed to spend more time outside. I was feeling a little more confident about getting back inside in case I needed to go to the bathroom, but rarely made the trip back outside again. One trip up and down the stairs in a day was enough.

Next step, x-rays and maybe it would be time to venture into the pool? Oh, how optimistic I was!




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