Life Challenge, weekly report: My life challenge can be very challenging!

This will be short and sweet. I’m keeping the weight off and lost some inches. I’m swimming and/or  working out every day. We have a guest, but he’s pretty independent, so I still have time to fit my routines into the day. We’ve eaten lunch out twice, but I’m trying to keep a balance with my other meals.

I woke up on the weekend feeling wiped out. I took Sunday off. I honestly had no energy to do anything. I think it helped. I’ve been much more energetic since then. If you feel exhausted, take a day off. Sometimes I feel more energetic later in the day and I fit in a yoga session or an exercise circuit.

I hope to add some more posts about the local activities or about the South American cruise, once we have our routine back. I’m too busy living the life right now to write about it! 🙂

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