Life Challenge report: trying not to fail my own challenge…

The week isn’t technically over, so I’m not too late for my weekly update on my life challenge. I’ve been very busy. Somewhere in there I had a birthday and entertained two young and very energetic people for 2 weeks.

I’ve managed to maintain my “maintenance level” of food intake, although it certainly has been a challenge with birthday cake, happy hours and cooking gourmet meals for the guests. On my birthday I decided to say “fuggedabout it!” and ate what I wanted.

Another plus is that I’m still swimming and working out, and even added a few snorkel trips into the mix. My weight is down four pounds from the start of the April challenge. In the past I might have gained all that weight back while entertaining guests.

I have the weekend to get my house cleaned and get back on track with my workouts. We have another guest arriving on Monday.

Who wanted to know what we do here?

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