How the April Challenge is about to become my year long challenge

I talked about “cruise weight” and my April challenge to take it off. In the past 25 days I’ve been working out, swimming, watching my food intake and keeping a record of everything.  I’ve lost two pounds. I lost two pounds in the first week. I weigh in regularly and I’ve still only lost two pounds. Clearly I need to do more…or eat less.

I’ve also been monitoring my blood pressure, which hasn’t been a problem in the past. After three weeks of regular exercise and moderate eating, my blood pressure is high. This can’t be happening!

Who am I kidding? The cruise weight is gone and my clothes still don’t fit like they used to. The truth is that I gained about ten pounds in the first year we lived here, before we even went on a cruise.

Technically, I’ve gained 15 pounds, but that wouldn’t be a fair assessment. I unintentionally lost five pounds in the 2 or 3 months before we moved. I gained that all back in California eating gourmet meals and drinking too much. It was an unwinding and recovery period before we got on with our lives.

Those ten additional pounds came after living here, despite a routine that includes a daily swim and yoga.

Since it took a year to gain the ten pounds, I can’t really expect to lose it all in a month. That’s why my April challenge is going to become my “Spring challenge”. If I’m not successful, it’s going to be a year-long challenge and to be quite honest, a lifestyle change. My current level of eating and activity appears to be fine for maintenance. If only I could get to the weight I want to maintain!

I guess for starters, I could cut down on the wine with dinner, or the happy hour cocktails. I’m also hoping that as the iguanas become more active in the summer months, my regular sprints down to the pool to chase them away will help burn off some “retirement weight”.

My other challenge, in addition to getting fit and losing ten pounds, is to write a weekly report about my progress, or lack thereof, in hope that it will motivate me!


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