Cruising; Yes it is for us!

We embarked on our South American cruise with great anticipation, but also some trepidation. Would my husband enjoy spending time at sea with no control over the destination? Would he enjoy the elaborate meals every evening and the dress code? How would we survive two weeks in closes proximity to the same group of people every day and evening.

I suppose a lot depends on the cruise line, the friends and the destination. We had good luck with all three. It also helped to have a balcony.


First of all, Princess provided a wonderful cruising experience. The food was phenomenal and the service matched. I’ve used two other cruise lines and this one compared favourably. I found myself looking forward to perusing the dinner menu each evening and choosing something delicious  to go with the wine. Sometimes we would peek at the menu in the morning so we could think about our choices during the day. You might say we all love to eat.


Secondly, the friends on our cruise are old friends and dear friends. We all respect each others space and privacy, but we love to do things together. We’ve traveled with them before and we knew we’d have fun.

Third, we were traveling in a part of the world where we had never been and where we could see things from our balcony that we’d never be able to see otherwise.  We were visiting new countries. We were able to unpack our suitcases and hang up our clothes, come back to our own rooms every night, yet still travel to four different countries.

The balcony was a serious bonus, but now I consider it a necessity for cruising, at least for a cruise longer than a few days. The sights we could see from our balcony were amazing on the days at sea, and had we not had connecting balconies where we could call each other out with a cry of “Whales!”, we may have missed a lot.

I will admit that probably all of us gained weight and we still talk about the “cruise weight”. Still, on our last day, we lamented the fact that we would soon have to disembark. We were already planning our next cruise.



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