Resident Diving: Another bonus!

As if living in a place with perpetual summer isn’t enough, we have “resident diving”. Resident diving is this wonderful option of diving on a Sunday morning with Red Sail, and maybe other dive operators do it, for half the cost of a regular dive. In fact, as a resident, all my boat dives are half price.

I signed up for resident diving last year, but I wasn’t able to take advantage. I finally gave it a try when our daughter was here.

Every week I receive an email from Red Sail with an update on their resident specials, and an invitation to the Sunday resident dive. They always tell me where they expect to be diving. I look forward to the North wall dives. Having done most of my early diving here in the summer and on the north and east side, I didn’t realize that they aren’t always the best choice at certain times of year. ¬†Sometimes it’s just too rough, so the West wall is the place to be. I still have that attachment to some of the North wall dives, though.

This week there is a lion fish cull. If you aren’t familiar with the Caribbean and our lion fish problem, you might wonder why they want to cull the beautiful and striking lion fish. I remember being so excited to see lion fish in the South Pacific.

The lion fish is an invasive species. They eat native fish at an alarming rate and have thrived in the Caribbean.

Personally, I really like the taste of lion fish. I find it is expensive here, though, so don’t always feel inclined to order it when it’s on the menu.

This is one resident dive I’ll be missing, but I’ll be cheering them all on! Catch those lion fish and cook them up!



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