A Personal Mechanic: What a concept!

Have I raved about our mechanic yet? I know I’ve told all my friends how amazing and awesome he is. When I rave about him, it’s because I’ve never had a “personal mechanic” before. The closest we came was the neighbourhood mechanic where we used to live in Calgary. He rocked! He was honest and if he couldn’t fix something he’d look it up or just tell us and refer us to the dealer. That happened once. He actually did fix the problem at a much lower cost than we were quoted by the dealer, after studying a you tube video.

That was a bonus, because that mechanic was so close we could drop off our car and walk home. We knew he’d charge a fair price. However, I would never go so far as to call him a personal mechanic.

I think of the many personalized services we use. We are both known to become attached to our hair stylists. I was very sad when my dentist retired, and I’ve only just found a dentist since we’ve moved. (Scratch that off of the “to do” list.) I was devastated when my doctor quit her practice, and thrilled that I’ve found a doctor I like on the island.  Now I can add “personal mechanic” to the list of services.

I don’t know about in your country, but in my country the mechanic fixes the car and services it when needed. The mechanic doesn’t return the car to you washed and detailed. I’ve never before had a mechanic drive me to the airport, complete the service while I’m away and pick me up at the airport when I return. The mechanic doesn’t stay late at work to finish up with my car because he knows I need it the next day, then return it TO MY HOUSE when he’s finished the job. Apparently, in some countries, this is what you can expect from a personal mechanic. In my new country, that’s what I’m getting from a personal mechanic.

To say that I think our personal mechanic walks on water would be incorrect. He would drive on water!


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