Constitution Day Fireworks; Soon Come

On our first visit to this beautiful, lovable island, we went to a fun sort of community beach day and jet-ski races in East End.  We had heard of “Soon come..” the Caribbean equivalent of “mañana“, but we lived it that day. I recall that we had a wonderful time on the beach, tasted local foods, listened to music and got a free beach ball from one of the local radio stations. We didn’t, however, see a single jet ski race. I’m sure they started eventually, but our kids were young and we were all tired and had enough sun when we decided to head back to our temporary home.

Things have changed since then. I haven’t been to many events that didn’t start pretty close to the scheduled time, with the possible exception of a boat race. Generally the festivities start on time.

Tonight we thought it was another case of “soon come” when we went to Camana Bay for the Constitution Day fireworks. I had no reason to believe there wouldn’t be fireworks. Last year I enjoyed the fireworks immensely! Having missed the recent Canada Day and July 4 fireworks, you could say I’d been saving myself for the Constitution Day fireworks.

I looked up the times for the anticipated occasion and with some difficulty, on a local moms’ website, I found the time of 8 pm. I’d also seen on the Calendar of Events that the fireworks would again be in Camana Bay. Somehow, I never clued in that the Camana Bay website had made no mention of fireworks.

We went down to Camana Bay early, so we could sit in a good spot. We found chairs, quite far from the main area, but hey, the fireworks would be in the air, right? There are no bad seats if you’re beside the water!

We waited patiently, chatting and watching the people and boats coming and going. 8 pm came and went. We started to think “soon come”, surprising as that would be in a place as well run as Camana Bay. Another half hour and we started to wonder if there was a problem with the wind. I have to admit, it was lovely sitting by the water with the breeze to keep us cool and to keep the bugs away!

Eventually, the wind changed. The distinct odor of the dump wafted over us while we (much less patiently now) waited for the fireworks. We noticed fewer people over in the main viewing area. Our bums were getting numb and we’d already stood up several times to stretch. It was 9 pm.

We walked over to the central area by the fountains. There were still people at the outdoor restaurants, but there were definitely fewer people seated around the harbour. We decided to leave, thinking that if the fireworks started, we’d still see them. We returned to our car and drove home, checked the internet and realized that almost everyone BUT Camana Bay expected Camana Bay to stage the fireworks. I don’t know why they didn’t do it this year, but they just didn’t.

On a much more positive note, when we parked our car at Camana Bay and started walking, we saw two Cayman parrots. I was thrilled! I usually only see them on the east or north side or in the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Garden. We stayed to watch them and I even had my camera for photos. It was a moment of serendipity that more than made up for the absentee fireworks.

It was also a lovely evening in Camana Bay. We don’t often sit outside at night as I seem to be a bug magnet, but with the breeze over the water, it was a perfect evening, with or without fireworks.


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