A brief and unplanned hiatus

Doing nothing but sit around with one’s foot up isn’t always a bad thing. I managed to find many things to keep me busy, including planning a trip and learning a new language.

Now that I’m on my feet again, in a limited capacity, I still have the language to learn and the trip to plan, but I also have the food to buy and prepare and the apartment to clean. We’ve been away for three weeks as well. To top that off, we had company for four days, so I’ve been trying to fit it all in on limited sleep.

Now that I am able to walk, swim and exercise, I’m trying to get back in shape. This recovery business is not for the impatient. While away I found myself lagging at the back of the group many times on our way to dinner. I wasn’t ready for the trip, physically, so took lots of time to put my foot up and ice it.

I’m much better now, but still have swelling and I’m still limited in the shoes I can wear. I often think “I’m all better” and immediately the following day I’ll have to baby my foot again. As my surgeon says, the body will heal itself.

I’m going to be going away again, for five weeks. Unlike some very organized bloggers, I haven’t prepared anything to automatically post while I’m away. I have so many things in my mind about which I’d love to write. I guess it will all have to wait!

Our next travel adventure awaits and I can only think about coming home with a healthy foot and cooking again. Until then, I’ll try to take good notes on our travels.

It’s beautiful in Cayman today, slightly overcast and about 27 Celsius. Why do we leave? Life is too short to stay home when you’ve always wanted to go somewhere in particular. I confess to being a travel addict, but the good news is I’m always happy to come home.