Storms, sore throats and setbacks!

It’s a good thing we got right on top of hurricane preparedness. We haven’t had a hurricane or even a tropical storm, but we’ve had a little setback. I had the flu for almost a week, right before our trip off island! I thought I would rest it out for a day or two, but it just went on and on! After the fever was gone, I had a mild stomach flu. After that cleared up I had a deep cough for days!

I considered this a setback to not only cleaning our house and preparing for our  trip, but to my life challenge. I was not pleased! I lost strength! I was feeling very weak. In the midst of getting our decks cleared and hurricane shutters closed before our trip my husband was laid low with the same bug.

The weather didn’t helped. It was stormy and grey. We had rain for the entire weekend. To look outside one would expect it to be cold. It’s never cold here. It was marginally cooler than usual, but it was still gloomy, windy, wet and grey. However, I felt cold. A fever does that. I should have gone outside! It was much warmer than it looked.

The weather has improved immensely since we went away. We arrived home to sunshine and heat, with a gentle breeze. I’m feeling much better, and strong again. I lost 2 more pounds.  I’ve unpacked, cleaned all our clothes and helped clean off the deck. Everything seems clean and fresh. We even managed to restock our fridge today.

My husband is still not 100% healthy, but now that we’re back home I know he’ll improve quickly. The sunshine will kill any lingering viruses and the humidity will help that dry cough. It’s always good to be home and healthy!


Hurricane Season, again!

We are busy preparing for the hurricane season, which officially started yesterday. Our kit is pretty well stocked, but I feel that I can do better. The hurricane shutters are all in good shape and are closing properly, with a little oomph.

We have some new people in the complex and I feel a bit of responsibility to remind them to prepare. There seem to be lots of new people on the island, or at least, we’ve met many people new to the island. If you’re one of them, be prepared. This year may be a more active season than last year.

Over the “winter” I’ve been pulling out hurricane supplies and using them up from last year. I firmly believe that even the canned goods need to be updated. I’m checking “best before” dates on everything and going through the list of suggested items.

One thing we shouldn’t need to worry about is flashlights and lanterns. We made a purchase of a lantern last year and shortly after that I won one in a spin-the-wheel giveaway. We also have 2 wind up flashlights and miniature flashlights on our keychains. We have very few candles, so I’m going to stock up on those.

My biggest concern is water. We still have lots from last year…and the year before. The water does have an expiry date but we’ll use the newest water for drinking and the older supplies for cooking and cleaning.

We have lots of food, most of it in one place. The suggestion is to have everything in a portable kit. That is crazy! There is no way I can haul all that water, canned goods, candles, lanterns and other essentials in a suitcase. I suppose if we see that a hurricane is coming we could transfer as much as we can to two suitcases that we can both carry.

Next, we need to come up with an emergency plan. How long do we stay in our apartment? Where do we go from here? (The local school is our closest shelter.)

Today I’m going to buy more supplies for the hurricane kit. After that I’m going to attempt to come up with an “emergency plan”. The Canadian consulate sent out their emergency procedures email to every Canadian on the island who has registered with them. It includes a list of supplies to have on hand and an emergency planning tool.

The New Resident magazine provides tips for surviving a hurricane:

If you have a barbecue or grill, make sure your propane tank is full NOW. Keep your car filled with gas. Have a camp stove if you don’t have a barbecue.  Make sure you have cash, as often the ATMs won’t be working for some time.

Be prepared and watch the weather reports. This is the only time of year we check the weather. We haven’t been through a hurricane, and I hope we never do have to experience that, but we’ve listened to long time residents and we’ve read the literature.

I never thought too much about hurricane season when we used to come and visit. I thought about the possibility of hurricanes, and what we would do if there was a warning. Now we have to be prepared for six months. This is our home and we’ll do our best to protect it. If we have to leave, we will, however, because after all, it’s only stuff.