Internet and Vacations: Soon come!

We had internet, and then we didn’t. We had slow internet, and then it sped up. We are currently waiting for internet and using our local diner’s wi-fi, or our neighbour’s wi-fi that only works if we sit strategically in the far bedroom wearing antennae. I jest, but only a little. I miss the luxury of my own wi-fi.

It’s a new year, and January in the Cayman Islands is a wonderful time. The weather is breezy and slightly less humid and just heavenly. It explains the influx of tourists. Unfortunately, the seas tend to be rougher. We have very few calm days in our back yard and a few days ago the cruise ships had to use Spott’s Bay rather than George Town to tender their passengers.

We have another trip planned, after having already been away for three weeks over Christmas. The big difference is that this will be a vacation. In reality, it will be our first vacation in a year. I don’t consider trips to Canada vacations, although I do enjoy them. I suppose a short reunion with my friends could be considered vacation. A visit to our children could be a vacation. In general, I don’t return from Canada feeling rested and relaxed.

Some people think of our life here as a permanent vacation. I guess there is an argument for that, although we still have to shop, cook, clean, do laundry and take care of those niggling issues like paying bills, keeping insurance and registration on the car up to date, keeping the car running, and taking care of pests around the house. We can’t call the landlord/concierge/manager if there is a plumbing problem or if we hear something in the ceiling at night. It’s all on us. We have to think about what to have for supper, buy it, cook it and clean up the dishes afterwards. We have to take out the garbage regularly so it doesn’t stink, and we have to be concerned if the curbside bins are tipped or overflowing.

Our coming vacation is the ultimate holiday. We’re going on a cruise. For 2 weeks our toughest decisions will be what to wear to dinner and what to choose from the menu. We’ll have to decide what sights to see in each port, and, oh my goodness, we’ll have to get up early to get our tender to go on our booked excursion!

We’ll have very limited internet and no phone service. We’ll probably have no idea what’s going on in the world! My biggest concern is losing touch with our kids and our parents.

A part of me is really looking forward to this vacation and a part of me is perfectly happy to stay here in my island paradise on my “permanent vacation”, ensuring that things are working and that the iguanas don’t take over the pool. I really never want to leave here, and this is my favourite time of year here. There are things to do, like A Taste of Cayman, Legends Tennis, diving, snorkelling and even walks on the beach. Why would I want to leave?

On the other hand, I’m about to go to South America for the first time! I’m about to go on a cruise ship where no one will expect me to run errands every day. I can relax on my deck without getting eaten alive! I can socialize with friends! I can explore interesting ports!

You know your life is good when you have mixed feelings about going on vacation. The best part is that I always look forward to coming home. I also have mixed feelings about not having internet. It frees me up to explore and create, but losing the connection to my family is always tough. I’ll also admit that I hate not knowing what’s going on in the world!

I look forward to this vacation and I hope that everyone manages to stay healthy and safe while we’re gone. I also hope that when we return, we’ll have our very own internet and wi-fi here in Paradise!