Why I Love Cayman

I’ve been thinking about all the things I love about Cayman. The most obvious one is the climate. Sure, we have a rainy season and a hurricane season, but it’s pretty nice here almost all the time. The summers are hot and humid and can be unbearable, but that’s where being surrounded by water is a blessing! It’s always nice enough to go for a swim.

Speaking of weather, I love how people talk about the weather here. I thought everyone talked about the weather because we certainly did in Canada. Apparently it’s not so, but here, people love to talk about the weather. Right now it’s still hot and humid, so we’ve heard locals complaining about summer going on too long. It’s the opposite of Canada, where we wonder when summer will begin.

I love the diversity here. We’ve met people from Ireland, Italy, Costa Rica, Canada, the United States, Columbia, Honduras, Jamaica, Britain, Phillipines, India, Scotland, Bermuda…the list goes on. In our little complex alone, we’ve known people from six different countries in eight units!

People here are mostly friendly and open. We love to try new restaurants to support the efforts of the new owners, and almost without fail we end up chatting to the owner and getting to know them.  People are welcoming and open to new friendships.

Speaking of diversity and restaurants, I love the wide variety of foods available. The restaurant scene in Cayman is very impressive. It’s a tough business so we’re happy to support it. We can get Thai food, Indian food, Caribbean food, Chinese, Italian and best of all Fusion!

I love conch! Conch season opened on Nov. 1 and I’m looking forward to the fresh conch on restaurant menus.

I love mangoes and we had an amazing mango season. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much over now. However…we have coconuts! I didn’t like coconut flavoured food as a child. I think I objected to the sweetened coconut flakes that were often used in cookies and bars. Now I love coconut! I can’t get enough. I love coconut milk, coconut curry and I’ve developed a taste for fresh coconut water straight from the coconut!

I love to snorkel and dive. We have so many wonderful options of where to go. If it’s too rough in our back yard, we can try Eden Rock or one of the spots along Seven Mile Beach, like Cemetery Reef. Occasionally we’ll try the North side and combine it with lunch at Over the Edge.

I love the spontaneity! If there’s a movie on at the theatre that we want to see, we go see it. If we find out at 2:45 pm that today is the last day the movie is here, we can still make it in time for the 3:30 showing! If we’re home on a Friday at 5 and the weather is fine, we can join the neighbours by the pool for a happy hour before our respective dinners.

I love being by the sea. The colours change throughout the day, from the muted tones of early morning to the brilliant shades of blue and turquoise later on. When the sun is high it glistens on the water like millions of diamonds. The sunsets offer up varying shades of pink and red. The full moon casts it’s own brilliant light.

The public buses here are great! For only two dollars C.I you can flag down the bus and take it right to your destination, as long as it’s on the route. The buses are small enough that sometimes they’ll even take you right into your driveway, provided they aren’t busy and the driver is feeling particularly helpful. You can get anywhere on Seven Mile Beach on the bus!

I love the resident discounts! After years of playing tourist here and in other tropical locations, it’s nice to actually get a bargain. I can even use the discount for my guests.

I could list a few things that I don’t like about Cayman, but the good things outweigh the bad in my opinion. I miss a lot of things about Canada, but my life is here how and we’re going to make the most of it.  Every day I think of new things to love about this beautiful island I now call home!



Best Laid Plans

I often start my day with a mental list, or even a written list, of things I’d like to accomplish. This is usually in support of my mental list (or written list) of my weekly goals and that is in support of my master list. This all sounds very ambitious, but it might be something as simple as buying groceries so we can eat all week. It might be to finish a sewing project so we can clean off the spare room bed for expected guests.

For example, one day my list included sending off my passport application so I could have my new passport in time for our daughter’s visit, or at least in time for Christmas. I wanted to have the application checked over before I sent it, but the day I planned to do that, the Canadian Consulate was closed. Instead, I took it in the following Monday, had them check it over, and I sent it by Fed Ex to the High Commission of Canada in Jamaica. Nine days later I had my new passport in hand!

Not everything goes so smoothly!

Another day, I thought we’d take our car in to the mechanic for an issue that we’ve been waiting to get fixed. Actually, it was an issue for which I’d already taken the car in, but the dealer had ordered the wrong part, so this was yet another 2 week delay. I planned to be without our car for the whole day,again, and I would use the time to bake and clean the house.

Unfortunately, the mechanic was fairly busy that day and couldn’t promise that we’d have it back for the next day, so we decided to take it in the next day. Did I still bake and clean house? No, because needed to run errands while we had a car. I planned to do those things the next day. You have to be ready to change plans like this at a moment’s notice when you live on an island. You need to be spontaneous. This is much easier for my husband than for me. I am a planner.

I am trying to plan Christmas. This will probably be our last Christmas in my parents’ home. I think they are moving into a smaller place by the Spring. Since we’ve already moved into a smaller place without ever hosting Christmas, I’m very happy we’re still able to go to my parents’. I just didn’t know when we could go until recently. I had to wait for my kids’ final exam schedules and to hear what plans they had with their sweeties.

Yes, it’s come to that. Like it or not, we now have to consider the significant others of our children when planning holidays.

Spontaneity: when we did drop off the car, we found out that it would still take until the next day. We quickly rearranged our plans again. We took the bus!

If you are travelling along the main road it would be tough to find a better bus service. We took the bus home and it took 10 minutes and cost us 2.00 CI each. They drop you off wherever you want, as long as it’s on the route. Taxis don’t get any better than that and they are expensive.

We planned to take the bus back to pick up our car the next day, but as luck and our awesome mechanic would have it, he finished the work and brought the car TO OUR HOME at 9 pm that evening. We had planned to be without a car the next day and now we had a car. Sometimes plan B is awesome, or were we on plan D by this time?

Oh, and yesterday I planned to get lots of housecleaning done, but I was distracted by the World Cup short track speed skating live feed from Montreal. I also had to clean egg off my car, something I’m happy to say I’ve never had to do before, which took about an hour and left me needing a swim to cool off. At least the car is clean. Next Halloween maybe I can arrange to have the car at the mechanic’s.

I’ve learned to be spontaneous here, but I’m still a planner. Sometimes my plans don’t work out, but that isn’t always a bad thing. I’ve learned that “island time” isn’t always what you think it is. I love how this place is full of surprises! Good or bad, we’re learning to roll with the waves!